Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo Review

Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo Review

Hair play a vital role in representing our appearance. If your personality is a part of rough, dry, or damaged hair, it leaves a negative effect on others. Many brands are in the market that promises to make our hair soft, smooth, or shiny.

Aveda cherry almond shampoo is well known for its soothing effect. Which type of hair is this shampoo suitable for? What are its pros and cons?

In this Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo review, we’ll try to cover all questions that rising in your mind about this shampoo.

Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo Review

Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo

Aveda cherry almond shampoo with coconut extract and Babassu gently cleanses the scalp while maintaining natural oils and lipids. The shampoo conditioning the hair and provide softness to dead or damaged strands.

Aveda shampoo with almond oil, shea butter, and natural cherry blossom extract restores shine and softness and leaves detangle hair feeling touchable smooth.

It makes rough strands naturally silky from roots to tips and gives hair a healthy weightless bounce.

The Aveda brand claims that the product is prepared from organic ingredients and is free from gluten, silicone, and parabens.

The other ingredients used in its formation are; water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, Glycerine, Glycol distearate, acrylates copolymer, butylene glycol, and sodium benzoate.

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Consumers Review of Aveda Cherry Shampoo

We collected customers’ reviews to know the facts about the product. 5 out of 3 customers found it useful. The shampoo gives a silky, smooth, and shiny hair look.

People with dry hair have a good impact on this product, but it doesn’t work excellent on oily coats.

As per the description, the brand promises that the Aveda cherry shampoo is free from sulfate and gluten.

But the product contains little quantity of sulfates which is dangerous for our hair because the shampoo is with sulfates damages the strands and stops the hair growth.

Benefits of Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo

  • The shampoo is 95% free from chemicals.
  • Aveda cherry almond shampoo gives hair a smooth, shiny, and soft effect.
  • The product is safe for dye or color-treated hair.
  • It thoroughly cleanses the scalp and removes dirt and sebum.
  • The shampoo doesn’t dry your scalp and eliminates roughness from the strands.
  • The fragrance is not too harsh, not too floral; in fact, the smell is refreshing.

Drawbacks of Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo

  • Almost 5% sulfate was used in its preparation.
  • The product doesn’t give healthy volume to hair.
  • It doesn’t make lather well.
  • The product is not suitable for thin strands.
  • The price of shampoo is not reasonable.
  • The packaging is not so attractive

Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo Ingredients

Effective Ingredients

  • Cherry extract – it makes hair cuticle a smooth texture. The cherry extract has anti-oxidant properties, helps to remove scalp inflammation, an ideal ingredient for conditioning the scalp.
  • Glycerin helps remove breakage and dullness and makes hair shiny and glowing. It also helps in the fast-growing of hair.
  • Limonene – it has anti-inflammatory properties. Limonene is used by many skin and hair care brands because it deeply penetrates the scalp, has a pleasant fragrance and enhances hair growth.
  • Almond oil is the best nourishing oil and can soften or strengthen your hair. It’s rich in biotin or vitamins and helps your hair protection from sun damage.

Harmful Ingredients

The Aveda brand promises no chemical ingredient is used in its formation, and the product is 100% vegan. This claim is false; almost 5% of ingredients have harmful effects. Let’s discuss them:

  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate – it’s scientifically proven that the product is not suitable for hair. Sulfate can brittle or damage your follicles and expand frizz. If you use shampoo mixed with sulfates, you can lose hair completely because it weakens the strands. One of its causes is hair fall and hair-thin.
  • Citric acid strips the lipids and natural oils and gives hair a lifeless and dull look. It also makes hair dry, brittle and damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many questions come to your mind related to this product. Let’s find answers:

Q1. Does this shampoo work against dandruff?

No, it doesn’t have the solution of dandruff giving strength to your hair.

Q2. On which types of hair does this shampoo work?

The shampoo works excellent on dry hair; it gives a smooth, silk, and soft look.

Verdict: Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo Review

We tried to resolve all the confusion about this shampoo by writing this detailed review. Now it’s up to you whether you want to buy this shampoo or not. The shampoo is for dry or rough hair gives them a silky, soft look.

Always try to buy from authentic resources because of fake products. Must read reviews before trying any new brand.

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