BIOLAGE Shampoo Review

BIOLAGE Shampoo Review – Is It Good For Hair?

BIOLAGE shampoo has hype in the market. Everyone wants to know the facts about this brand. It has a solution of oily, rough, dry, or thin hair and claims to be free from harsh chemicals.

So we will discuss the brand’s different products with complete detail in today’s BIOLAGE Shampoo review.

And we will talk about their effects on frizz or fragile hair. So, let’s get started.

BIOLAGE Shampoo Review


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1. BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo Review

BIOLAST Colorlast shampoo is mainly designed for color hair to protect the color hair from damage. The shampoo promises to retain hair color vibrant and protects against harsh damage.

The BIOLAGE shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp without stripping off color, maintaining and prolonging the color depth, shine, and tone in dyed-treated hair.

And, the BIOLAGE Colorlast shampoo hydrates well, add softness to the follicles, and gives a hair salon a look. The shampoo is vegan or organic and affirms that it is free from silicone and paraben.

The product works to prolong the hair color. It protects the hair color from fading and removes yellow or orange brassy tones, and the customers rate it 7 out of 10.

The negative point is that it makes the hair a bit dry after shampooing. The BIOLAGE shampoo doesn’t strip lipids and minerals from the scalp.

In fact, it maintains color from the depth, tone, and natural shine of the strands. The shampoo has a few quantities of sulfites that are not 100% chemical-free.

2. BIOLAGE Hydrasource Shampoo Review

This BIOLAGE shampoo optimizes moisture balance for healthy-looking hair.

The shampoo is designed for dry or rough hair, and the hydra source shampoo gently cleanses and leaves hair moisturized and shiny.

Its formulation is free from alkali and parabens, and the shampoo formula is clinically tested with no side effects. The shampoo is both for men and women.

This BIOLAGE shampoo is an excellent source of hydration. It purifies the scalp from its first wash and reduces sebum production. Almost 80% of customers are happy after its use.

We got customer’s reviews according to them if you’ve thick or frizz hair, its use will hydrate them well and doesn’t make them greasy.

The shampoo also protects the hair from UV rays and aggressive damage.

However, BIOLAGE brand should lower the price of the product and make it affordable so everyone can benefit from it, and please avoid this shampoo for everyday use.

3. BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo Review

Hair becomes thin due to hair loss. BIOLAGE specially designed this shampoo for thin or falling hair. The shampoo affirms to be secure from sulfates, parabens, and chemicals.

BIOLAGE volume bloom shampoo plumps fine hair with long-lasting bouncy volume. The shampoo purifies or cleans the scalp and adds thickness to the hair.

This shampoo fortifies the scalp with its vegan formula. The shampoo affects equally on both men and women.

The positive fact is that you don’t need to use a lot of shampoos; a little goes a long way. This shampoo really works to add volume or thickness to your hair.

But if you’re facing hair fall issues, then it won’t work well. The BIOLAGE Volumebloom shampoo adds lightweight bounciness and shine.

The shampoo is unisex, but we won’t recommend you for daily use. Moreover, the shampoo didn’t work well on oily hair to shine and smooth.

4. BIOLAGE Advanced Fiber Strong Shampoo

The shampoo produced resilience in hair because of its formulation with intra-cyclane and bamboo. The shampoo is manufactured from vegan or organic products.

The BIOLAGE fiber strong shampoo is designed for fragile hair. It gently cleanses and reinforces the strength and elasticity in the strands of follicles.

The shampoo leaves hair shiny, healthy-looking, and resistant to damage. The BIOLAGE brand considers it suitable for an everyday wash.

Our team gathered some information from customers about the product quality. As per customer reviews, the shampoo fortifies or nourishes the strands and gives them strength.

If you’ve fragile hair, then go for it; this will be the best option. The shampoo has a solution to control hair fall up to 75%.

Moreover, its use adds shine or smoothness to hair and prevents them from breakage. The only issue is that the product price should be reduced, and it is not 100% sulfate and chemical-free.

5. BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalpsync Shampoo 

The BIOLAGE shampoo with a cooling effect has anti-bacterial properties. The shampoo is designed for all hair types and promises to be free from any chemical or silicon.

This BIOLAGE shampoo cleanses and purifies the scalp and eliminates the excess oil from the roots.

Its formulation is with a mint extract that awakens the scalp with the chilling effect and provides a refreshing sensation. Moreover, Its use prevents the strands from breakage.

3 out of 5 people love this shampoo. The shampoo is suitable for oily hair as it lessens the hair from the scalp. It deeply nourishes the scalp and provides a refreshing sensation.

This BIOLAGE shampoo has a few sulfites. The smell is soft and pleasant and keeps refreshing the hair for up to 24hrs.

However, customers have complained that it does not function well in dry hair and adds to the roughness. Recommended for both men and women but not suitable for daily use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is BIOLAGE shampoo good for color-treated hair?

From the BIOLAGE shampoo range, only BIOLAGE’ Colorlast Shampoo’ is best for color-treated hair. It retains the vibrancy of hair color and also repairs hair damage.

Q2. Does BIOLAGE shampoo have sulfates?

Well, the brand claims to be free from sulfates and parabens. But the reality is that BIOLAGE uses a small number of sulfates in their product.

Final Verdict

I think this BIOLAGE Shampoo Review will be helpful before you buy any shampoo from this brand.

We tried to clear all the confusion about this brand. It’s now up to you to decide whether you want to go for it or not.

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