Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review

Moisture is like a building block unit for our hair; when we talk about hydration, Dove Daily moisture shampoo captures all of our attention.

Dove moisture shampoo deeply moisturizes the scalp and removes dryness and roughness as per description.

So, in this Dove Daily Moisture shampoo review, we’ll talk about whether it does fulfill customers’ requirements or not? And will discuss product pros and cons.

So, to know the facts, you must read the review till the last.

What is special about Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo?

Dove daily moisture shampoo hydrates the rough strands of hairs and leaves them soft and smooth. The shampoo deeply moisturizes the scalp, provides nourishment from roots to tips, and forms a protective shield from daily damage.

The dove shampoo also helps strengthen the follicles without removing natural oils and minerals from the scalp.

It gives you 10 times resilient hair that prevents from daily damage and making your hair more manageable and soft.

The brand claims that the shampoo maintains a natural balance without weighing it down and helps make your hair healthier.

And the ingredients used in its formation are water, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium chloride, Sodium Laureth sulfate, fragrance, glycerin, and copolymer.

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo

To write Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review, we gathered customer’s feedback that what they think about this product—7 out of 10 like this shampoo.

The shampoo is for dry and normal hairs, and it really works to make your hairs smooth and soft and protect against damage.

And the negative point we got from customers is that it doesn’t strengthen the follicles and doesn’t control hair fall. The product is not suitable for oily hairs and for daily use.

Moreover, it’s not an organic product small quantity of sulfites is also used during its formation. Many customers don’t like it because of its strong smell, and it’s not a product of daily use.

Things We Like:

  • It moisturizes the strands from tip to end.
  • The shampoo gives 5 times soft, smooth and shinier look to hairs.
  • It protects the hairs from resilient damage.
  • The shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp and removes dirt and sebum.
  • It makes lather well.
  • It is is in good quantity.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t strengthen the follicles.
  • It doesn’t make hair 10 times smoother or shinier as per the claim product’s claim.
  • The dove moisture shampoo doesn’t give healthy volume to hairs.
  • This shampoo has a strong aroma.
  • The packaging is not so attractive.
  • The product is not for daily use.

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Ingredients of Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo:

Now let’s talk about the effective and harmful ingredients in Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review.

Harmful Ingredients:

  • Perfume: It has the ability to cause breakage and damage to your hair. Perfumes or fragrance contains alcohol like ethyl alcohol that has a drying effect on hairs and skin.
  • Sodium Laureth sulfate: It strips off all the natural minerals and lipids from the scalp, making the scalp dry and prone to irritation. If Laureth sulfates get into the eyes during wash, then it can cause eye irritation and redness.

Effective Ingredients:

Some effective ingredients are also used during its formation. Let’s discuss them:

1. Citric acid:

It has anti-oxidant properties that remove excess oils from the scalp. Citric acid balances the pH level and makes hair glossy, removing itchiness and irritation.

2. Arginine:

It helps in improving blood circulation, elongates hair growth and volumizes the hairs.

3. Cocamide MEA:

Cocamide MEA is derived naturally from coconut oil. It revives the lifeless hair and cleanses the scalp.

4. Glycerin:

It is the best ingredient for making your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Glycerin prevents split ends and removes dryness and itchiness from the scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Does Dove daily moisture shampoo have a solution to hair fall?

The answer is a big ‘No.’ it doesn’t control the hair fall problem.

Q2. Is this shampoo made from organic ingredients?

No, this is not an organic or vegan product. Moreover, it has a small number of sulfates.


We tried to clear all the positive and negative facts in the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo Review. I hope all of your questions regarding this product will clear after reading this detailed review.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to buy this product or not? The product moistures the hair and gives a silky, smooth look.

Try to read product reviews from the different websites before trying any new product. Always buy a product from an authentic website.

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