Is Purple Shampoo Bad for Your Hair

Is Purple Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Bright purple in color, purple shampoo looks exactly what it sounds like. This shampoo targets naturally blonde women or those who have colored their hair blonde.Its main aim is to balance the blonde color and prevent the occurrence of brassy tones in the hair.

However, according to recent speculations, some people claim that Purple shampoo is not suitable for your hair. So, is this true? Is purple shampoo bad for your hair? Does it damage the hair and make it dry?

The purple shampoo will not damage your hair if you use it correctly, which is twice or thrice a week at most.

So in simple words, No, Purple Shampoo is not bad for your Hair. Like any other shampoo, if you use purple shampoo more often, your hair will start drying, and the blonde color will fade.

So, we would advise the users not to use the shampoo more than its recommended usage.

Want to know more about the purple shampoo and how it can help you preserve your blonde hair color? You will find everything you need to know below.

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Is Purple Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

Is Purple Shampoo Bad for Your Hair

When you use the purple shampoo in the right proportion, it will neutralize the brassy tone that appears in your hair, which makes it good for your hair.

Since purple and yellow are complementary colors, they will cancel each other out and help your hair retain its platinum or blonde color.

According to Fae Norris, a licensed cosmetologist at Neighborhood Salon, Purple Shampoos are a must-have item for anyone with blonde or lightened hair color. That’s because these shampoos help your hair look fresh and icy.

Even though the violent pigment in the purple shampoo is not damaging, you must not leave it on your strands for too long. Otherwise, they will turn your hair into a purple-violet color that you would not like.

If you are using the shampoo for the first time, apply it to your hair for only one minute and note the reaction.

Once your hair gets familiar with the product, you can leave the shampoo on for a longer period and see how it reacts to your hair.

However, before you head out to buy a bottle of your purple shampoo, you need to know that not everyone needs this product on hand. It is only meant for those with blonde, grey, platinum, or white color.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair?

Yes, you can use purple shampoo if you have brown hair. However, the shampoo will not be effective if you have a head full of dark brown hair.

However, if your hair color is dark and has some highlights, the shampoo will help ton your light strands.

So, if you want to incorporate the shampoo into your daily routine, all you need to do is exchange your old shampoo for a purple one.

It will clean your scalp and hair just like any other shampoo and balance out your color-treated hair.

Generally, you should not use shampoo every day. Just use it once or twice a week in place of your regular shampoo.

If you want to maximize the benefit of the purple shampoo, make sure that you use it with a purple conditioner.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

You should not use purple shampoo if you have dry hair. Dry hair absorbs more purple pigment and is also not equally absorbent because of porosity levels.

As a result, the highlighted areas or the ends of the hair will consume more moisture than the virgin hair closer to the roots. This might lead to extremely uneven pigmentation, and the hair will not look good at all.

So, if you have dry hair and also want to make your blonde hair look perfect, experts recommend using a mineral treatment that works by removing metals and minerals from your hair. You must look out for leave-on toning

products that have less pigment than purple shampoos and conditioners.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo On Hair Extensions?

Even though you can use purple shampoo on hair extensions, we advise you not to do so.

That’s because the ingredients found in the purple shampoo might react adversely with the ingredients used to glue the hair extensions. As a result, your extensions can get damaged.

However, if you still want to use purple shampoo on your extensions, check the shampoo ingredients that you are interested in buying.

Moreover, you can also ask your hairstylist whether the ingredients in the shampoo will dissolve the glue or not.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo Every Day?

You must not use the purple shampoo every day. Instead, you should use it only when your hair looks a bit brassy.

The most suitable thing to do is to use the shampoo twice or thrice a week instead of your regular shampoo.

Moreover, if you want to maximize the benefit, make sure that you use the shampoo with the same conditioner.

To use the shampoo correctly, all you need to do is follow the directions on the back of the product and let the shampoo do its magic. If you follow the instructions correctly, your hair color will remain the same as it was before.

However, if you have silky hair, you must not leave the shampoo for too long. The hair will soon absorb the product, and purple tones will start showing up. If they do, just go back to using your old shampoo, and they will fade right away.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo After Bleaching?

Yes, you can use purple shampoo after bleaching but make sure to start small. That’s because the hair can get incredibly sensitive to any hue after bleaching, and as a result, the possibility of having purple or blue hair increases.

So, make sure that your hair is in the finest condition before you start using purple shampoo. If the hair is overly damaged or dried after bleaching, it will likely absorb the color more.

You can also get a protein treatment or a high-quality conditioner to accomplish this.

Once you get the protein treatment, start taking it slow and add a small quantity of the purple shampoo to your regular shampoo.

You can increase the concentration with time. However, if you are not getting the results that you hoped for, you can try increasing the ratio from the beginning.

But don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to remove the purple color from your hair.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo on Curly Hair?

When it comes to curly hair, experts recommend using sulfate-free shampoos, and unfortunately, most purple shampoos have sulfates in them. This is what makes them unsafe for curly hair.

However, if you still want to use the purple shampoo to maintain your curly blondes, make sure that you only use it when necessary.

For example, when your hair is getting discolored and seriously requires some TLC. Also, use the shampoo only in the areas where the hair color is fading and leave the rest of the hair alone.

When it comes to your regular hair care routine, use a sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner. Moreover, if you think that the sulfates in your purple shampoo are drying out your curls, stop using it at once and go for a color-correction treatment.

Does Purple Shampoo Work for Natural Blondes?

Purple shampoo does not only work for color-treated blondes. It works for natural blondes too. One of the basic reasons to use a purple shampoo is to neutralize the brassy shade of your blonde hair.

These brassy tones do not only appear because the toner has worn off. They can also appear due to hard water, sunlight, or heat styling tools. This is what makes the purple shampoo suitable for natural blondes too.

Not only this, but you can also benefit from this shampoo if you are someone who is jumping on the unicorn hair trend of purple and blue. That’s because the shampoo will prevent the violet strands from fading out with the help of the purple color of the shampoo.

How to Use the Purple Shampoo Correctly?

If you don’t want the purple shampoo to damage your hair and also retain its color, use it two times a week in the following manner.

First, wet your hair and then put a sufficient purple shampoo on it. Massage your hair thoroughly to form a layer. Leave the shampoo for three to five minutes on your scalp, and then rinse thoroughly. Follow these instructions, and your hair will not be damaged at all.

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Should I Apply Purple Shampoo on Dry or Wet Hair?

It depends upon the type of toning treatment you are going for. For example, if your hair requires an intensive color correction, you should apply purple shampoo to dry hair. Once the shampoo is successfully applied, rinse it out after thirty minutes.

However, if you want to maintain the light tone of your hair, you should apply the purple shampoo on wet hair as a part of your routine.

Final Verdict: Is Purple Shampoo bad for your hair?

Rocking the blonde look may seem effortless on the outside but requires a lot of hard work on your part. This is where a purple shampoo can help you.

We hope the above article answered your question regarding is purple shampoo bad for your hair?

Even though it does not damage the hair and is an important part of your hair care routine if you want to maintain your light-colored hair, we recommend that you don’t use it more than three times a week.

Need to know more about purple shampoo? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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