Loreal Brass Banisher Review

Loreal Brass Banisher Review

Many people around us care a lot about their hair. Even the smallest of hair problems like brassiness can give them a headache, and they press the panic button. 

Although there are so many things available out there, it is only wise to go with the best product available in the market. 

Gone are the days when hair care companies used to manufacture products only for black hair. Now you can find a product for every hair type and color. Be it blonde hair or highlighted hair, you can always go for the products from L’Oréal.

This Loreal Brass Banisher review will tell you everything you need to know. You won’t have to guess anymore whether this product works or not.

Loreal Brass Banisher Review

Loreal Brass Banisher Review

Arguably L’Oréal is the best-selling haircare brand. It has a long product line with a product for almost everything. Sometimes after applying bleach, the hair can get hard, and you may have to deal with brassiness. 

To deal with this, you can use the L’Oréal brass banisher, an effective product to remove the brashness and give your hair its natural color.

Although there are several other ways to get rid of the brassiness you get after bleaching or dying, the easiest and best way to get free from the brassy hairs is the brass banisher kit from L’Oréal. 

The L’Oréal brass banisher removes and saturates the tones of gray, red, and golden hairs. It is also effective for people having orange hair. 

The salon-inspired color balancing gloss treatment removes all the brass gently and provides them with a natural shine.

The other promising thing about this product is that it reduces the brassy tone and enriches the hair with wonderful natural shine within five minutes of applying the product.

Unlike other brass remover products, the L’Oréal brass remover has no ammonia, which is a plus point of this product.

The L’Oréal brass banisher is also the best option for anyone who is looking to have highlighted hairs.

The process of using the L’Oréal brass banisher on the hairs is very simple, and there is no need for going to a salon for the brass treatment. You have to apply the product as mentioned in the guide inside the box. 

For better results, leave it on the hair for a longer time, and it will remove the extra neon tint from the hair, thus making the hair shinier and more saturated. After usage, a clear difference between a before and after photo can be seen.

Another important which should be kept in mind is putting the cap back on the bottle after applying the cream.

Benifits of L’Oréal Banisher Remover

  • It comes in good packaging with clear usage instructions mentioned on it.
  • It is nice and creamy, and it can be easily applied to the hair.
  • It provides a salon-like treatment at home. It also saves the additional cost of a professional salon treatment.
  • It can be used just after bleaching, dying, or highlighting, so you don’t have to wait for anything.
  • It has no foul smell, unlike other brass removing products.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals such as ammonia.
  • No burning after applying it.
  • It provides natural shine and highlights to the hairs.
  • It removes the unwanted tone and warmth from the hair gently.
  • Easily available online and is cost-effective.


Apart from being the most professional hair care product available in the market, the L’Oréal brass banisher is gentle and unharming to the hair. 

It fulfills the promise of removing the brass and saturating the hair tone instead of going for hair dyeing, which can damage the hair in the long run. 

So, it is advisable to go for the color-balanced gloss treatment at home with a L’Oréal brass banisher. It will make your hairs look great and will save you some money.

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