_Loreal Professional Shampoo Review

Loreal Professional Shampoo Review

Loreal professional expert series with various ranges are designed to consider hair problems. In our Loreal Professional Shampoo review, we’ll discuss its positive and negative facts. Besides this, we’ll highlight which types of hair these products are suitable?.

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Loreal Professional Shampoo Review

_Loreal Professional Shampoo

1. Loreal Professional Serie Resveratrol Vitamino Color Shampoo

The shampoo is specially developed for dye hair. Loreal vitamin color shampoo is enriched with panthenol, tocopherol derivative, UV filter, and neohespiridine, protecting hair from external damage.

This shampoo removes all the dirt and residue protects the hair color vibrant while making the hair glossy. It gives hair a softer or shinier look.

Product Review:

Almost 75% of customers are satisfied with its quality work. The Loreal shampoo protects the radiant color shampoo.

The negative point about this shampoo is that it doesn’t promote hair growth or strengthen the strands.

Moreover, the shampoo is unisex; its use makes your hair soft and smooth. The product is not for daily use. The aroma of the shampoo is not too good nor too bad.

2. Loreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

A neutralizing shampoo developed for grey, white, or blonde hair and is enriched with anti-yellowing agents and magnesium that prevent hair from brassy tones.

Loreal professional silver shampoo delivers moisture to the scalp and nourishes hair from roots to tips.

The shampoo also promises to make your hair smooth soft and protects the hair from UV damage.

Product Review

3 out of 5 people like this product. It removes the yellow from the grey hair and prevents hair from having a brassy tone.

The negative point we got from the customers is that its excess use leaves hair dry. The loreal professional shampoo moisturizes the strands and makes them smooth and glossy.

The shampoo is good two times per week. It’s not a unisex product. Moreover, the smell is strong but pleasant.

3. Loreal Professional Serie Absolute Repair

Loreal Lipidium absolute repair instant resurfacing shampoo cleanses damaged color-treated hair.

The shampoo is designed for wavy, dry, damaged, thick, and normal hair; it provides instant shine smoothness and an anti-frizz solution.

It strengthens the hair with essential nutrients and reconstructs the damaged strands.

The ingredients used in its formation are water, sodium chloride, sodium Laureth sulfate, coco-betaine, glycerin, glycol disterate, and limonene.

Product Review

Loreal absolute repair shampoo works 75% according to customers. The product is not good for oily hair; it makes them more greasy.

The shampoo repairs the damaged hair prevent them from split ends, and thoroughly cleanses the scalp.

Moreover, the shampoo strengthens the follicles and volumizes the hair. The smell is not so refreshing. loreal shampoo can be used 2 to 3 times per week

4. Loreal Professional Serie Pro Keratin Liss Unlimited Shampoo

The Loreal shampoo with keratin extracts deeply nourishes the hair and hydrates the follicles from top to bottom.

This shampoo is famous for its soothing effects, nourishing the hair and leaving your hair super soft. It is designed for frizz or thick hair.

The ingredients used in its formation are water, glycerin, polyquaternium-10, sodium chloride, arginine, glutamic acid, citronellol, citric acid, and perfume.

Product Review

The negative point about this product we got from customer’s reviews is that it’s not suitable for oily or dry hair.

Also, it doesn’t work against dandruff. The shampoo with keratin extracts rebuild the breakage strands and provides internal nourishment to the roots.

The product is for both men and women. It’s not a vegan or organic product; a small number of sulfates are also used in its formulation and the shampoo is not recommended for daily use.

5. Loreal Professional Serie Expert Anti-breakage Shampoo

External influences cause breakage and damage the hair. Loreal professional serie expert designed to fight breakage and damage.

Loreal reinforcing formula with vitamin B6 and biotin straightening the frizz or curly hair.

It makes hair more resistant and stronger. The scent is a fruit or floral. The shampoo is both for men and women.

Product Review

The product adds more shine and volume to hair. Customers are satisfied with this shampoo. It really helps in straightening the hair.

The shampoo is good for frizz or curly hair and prevents them from breakage. The shampoo is not suitable for oily hair and not for daily use.

For better results, use its conditioner with shampoo. The shampoo is not prepared from organic ingredients; few sulfates are also used during its preparation.


Final Words:

I hope this detailed Loreal Professional Shampoo Review will be very helpful before buying this product. All ranges of loreal professionals with their facts as described above.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to opt for this or not?

Before buying any new product, must-read reviews about that brand from the internet; it’ll help you whether you should go for it or not.

For better results, use conditioner and shampoo of the same brand. Excess use of any shampoo can cause hair fall and dryness, so, to prevent this, don’t use shampoo more than 2 to 3 times per week.

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