Ponds BB Cream Review

Ponds BB Cream Review – Is It Good?

The Ponds is a famous brand that provides different cosmetics and skin care products for everyday use. Their products are perfect for the skin, and the quality of the product is up to the mark.

BB cream is the new addition in Ponds products after cream. It is a mixture of cream and foundation and can be used daily.

So today, you will get all the information related to Ponds BB cream in this Ponds BB Cream Review.

Ponds BB Cream Review

Ponds BB Cream

Ponds BB cream is the formula that gives you the two benefits at one time. It gives you the benefit of whitening cream and a foundation effect that glows your face. You will see a definite result on your face after using this cream.

It is available in two shades which are ivory and natural because Ponds always make products in different ranges.

Ivory is for the medium tone while natural is for a light tone, so choose the Ponds BB Cream according to your skin tone.

It is for all skin types and provides similar results, so there will be no tension if it suits you or not. It improves the skin texture and reduces makeup usage so you will not end up with damaged skin.

So if you want an instant fix up of your face, then the Ponds BB Cream is the best option for you.

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Our View on Ponds BB Cream

4.1 out of 5 users are giving this product a positive review as it reduces the problems of the skin. It is an excellent blend of cream and foundation that gives you immediate fairness and glow that saves your time.

On the contrary, some users stated that it produces pimples and acne on the face. That means it could create an irritating effect on the skin.

If you are using it the first time, check it in a small area and wait for 15 minutes. If you get a satisfactory result, start using it on the whole face; otherwise, don’t use it because every product works differently for anyone.

The overall result is good, so you can try and use it in your daily routine after the skin test.

Color and Texture of Ponds BB Cream:

Its packaging color is pink and white, but there is an off-white and light brown cream color inside it because it comes in two shades.

Its medium-thick texture helps you spread even on your face, and the result will be in the glowing face.

1. Fragrance:

Most users don’t like the smell of foundations, so this BB cream is a solution for them. It has a very flowery odor with the long-lasting effect that you will love it.

2. Resistance against Sun Rays:

Ponds BB cream provides you with fantastic glowing skin and protects you from the sun. It contains SPF 30, protects you from the rays of sunlight, and is non-greasy, so you can easily use it every day.

3. No more sweating:

It helps reduce the sweat from the skin, which means it will last longer on the face. There will be no sweating after using this BB Cream on the face.

Benefits of Ponds BB Cream

  • It is easy to carry, so you can take it easy in your purse and travel wherever you want.
  • It helps in skin-lightening so that you will have bright and glowing skin.
  • Ponds BB Cream is two in one formula that helps to provide a makeup look without any makeup.
  • It provides a protective shield against the sunlight rays so that you can use it as sunblock cream.
  • It is budget-friendly, and very little quantity spread on all of your faces saves you from purchasing it again and again.
  • It can be available easily everywhere from local shops to marts or online websites.

Drawbacks of Ponds BB Cream

  • Sometimes it causes pimples on the skin.
  • It also creates irritation if it doesn’t wash the face properly.
  • Ponds BB Cream is not a moisturizing cream; it could negatively affect dry skin.
  • It has minimal shade; therefore, some users can’t find it suitable for skin tone.
  • Ponds BB Cream contains silicon which is not a good ingredient.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q.1: Is Ponds BB Cream is effective for all skin types?

Yes! It is effective for all skin types as it gives glow and even tone to all skin. However, it has some issues with dry skin, so if anyone has dry skin, it should have done a skin test before applying it on the face.

Q.2: Can we use it daily?

It can be used daily to save you from heavy cosmetics and gives you a makeup look. It is best for oily skin to use it daily, and medium or dry skin users have to use moisturizer before using this BB Cream.

Q.3: What is the side effect of Ponds BB Cream?

if you have sensitive skin, don’t use this cream because it could damage the irritated skin more than heal it, so avoid using any BB Cream on sensitive skin.

Q.4: How do you wash the Ponds BB Cream from your face?

You can use any good face wash, makeup remover, or micellar water to remove this cream. But make sure that you clean it properly, so your skin doesn’t get any damage.


Ponds BB Cream Review ultimately depends upon the facts and figures given by the company and real-time user. Therefore you will get the idea after reading all this article whether you can use this Ponds BB Cream on your face or not.

It has many advantages: it lightens the skin, saves you from makeup, is easily available, and is budget-friendly.

It does, however, have certain drawbacks, such as the potential for skin irritation or acne. Because it only comes in a few shades, you will have to see if it suits your skin tone.

However, the product’s rating is excellent so that you can use it in your daily routine.

If you have any questions or want to review the product, just ping us in the comment box, we will surely answer all your queries, and your reviews will be welcome.

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