Ponds Cold Cream Review

Ponds Cold Cream Review 2022

Ponds cold cream is a moisturizing facial cream that offers a combination of essential oils and botanical extracts for both the face and body.

This cream is made with naturally derived ingredients which provide skin with moisture and help reduce the appearance of dry and rough skin

In this Ponds Cold Cream Review, we’ll go through the ingredients used in Ponds Creanm, their benefits, hazards, and some frequently asked questions regarding the cream.

So, make sure to read till the end to find out if it is worth it or not!

Ponds Cold Cream Review

Ponds Cold Cream

Ponds Cold Cream is very useful for dry skin types because it contains 50% moisturizer.

This product is mainly used to remove your makeup without any issue and dry out your face complexion the way other harmful cleansers can often do.

If your skin is sensitive, it is very beneficial if you don’t have any sensitivity issues with mineral oil, which is a permanently featured ingredient.

In winters, many of you face the issue that your skin becomes dry and rough. The Ponds cold cream makes it possible to nourish your skin and decently moisturize your skin.

Consumer Views about Ponds Cold Cream

The product’s overall rating is 4.6 on the top-selling website, which shows the brand value of this product has been very good for years.

Many customers found it very useful, and they love this product. Some customers share their past experiences.

One customer suggests that it is beneficial in her dry skin, while another customer has been using it for the last 15 years and commented that the belief of this product and its consistency from the time is unbelievable.

Another customer over 40 years old commented that wrinkles had been reduced by using ponds cold cream, and dark spots are also lightened.

Likewise, there is some negative comment too that one of the customer-facing skin is reddish while using it.

It is not doing the work of moisturizing the skin, so they want to avoid it. However, the result is pleasing to most users.

Benefits of Ponds Cold Cream

  • It works as a moisturizer in winters.
  • It is not very costly, so everyone can afford it.
  • It can also use as day and night cream and makeup remover.
  • Works extremely good for dry and dull skin tones.
  • Deep cleansing of your skin and giving a clean texture.

Drawbacks of Ponds Cold Cream

  • In some cases, skin becomes radish and irritating.
  • It’s very sticky, so some oily skin customers found it not good.

Ponds Cold Cream Ingredients:

The ingredients used in Ponds Cold Cream are natural such as water, mineral oil, and beeswax.

The Purified Mineral oil is highly recommended for you, and it works very well for dehydrated skin.

Its usage is widespread in the cosmetic industry for moisturizing your skin and also works as a hydrating agent.

Beneficial Ingredients:

Ponds cold cream has some excellent natural ingredients in making cream, making your skin moisturized, and are very commonly used in winters.

1. Mineral Oil:

Mineral oil is the critical ingredient in Ponds Cold Cream, also used as a makeup remover. Oils dissolve with other elements that have a parallel chemical assemble to make the whole texture of the cream.

2. Triethanolamine:

Triethanolamine is a sticky organic complex that is a triol. A triol is a particle of alcohol group that is not bad to use on skin because it has no side effects.

3. Behenic Acid:

Behenic acid helps provide a defensive wall against the lousy environment to keep your skin good. In skincare, it has emollient and relaxing agents that help to bring back the skin’s natural oils.

4. Carbomer:

It has been measured safe for usage in beauty and several cosmetic products. Everyone can use it because there are no known side effects; therefore, it is harmless for all skin tones.

Carbomers are soft white powders that allow other creams products to mix for the final product.

Harmful Ingredients:

Some harmful ingredients are also included in its making, which is not bad for everyone but some skin tones.

1. Methylparaben:

Methylparaben is a low to modest health risk. However, the risk is only for some particular Skin tones which are allergic reactions to chemicals or higher than usual usage.

2. Iodopropynyl:

Iodopropynyl is harmless when used at applications less than 0.1%, and it’s generally used in beauty products and other cosmetics products.

It is a preserving element used in industries, i.e., Wall Paint manufacturers, primers, and many more, to prevent germs and fungus; that’s why it may be allergic to some skin types.


Frequently Asked Question:

The following are some very repeated questions about the pond’s cold cream, which are concerns of most consumers.

Q.1: Is there any harm to using Ponds Cold Cream daily?

No! There is no harm in using Ponds Cold Cream daily; in fact, it works as a day and night cream and is very useful in winters. Cold creams have no harmful use, especially in the winters when you need extra moisture for your skin.

Q.2: Which skin type is suitable for Ponds Cold Cream?

Ponds Cold Cream is for almost all the skin somehow oily skin types that can face extra oil; otherwise, it is equally working right.

Q.3: Who can use Ponds Cold Cream?

Everyone can use it because Ponds Cold Cream is not restricted to any gender, skin type, or age group. Man, women, children, or older can use it to avoid dry skin issues.


Finally, Ponds cold cream review is a piece of information for you that you can easily decide whether to use or not.

Ponds cold cream can be used as a chapstick, moisturizer, or simply cold creams. Many ladies use pond cold cream on their lips, which helps hold in hugely important moisture and hydrate the skin conditions every day.

Product Safety: Almost all face cleansers or creams include a warning that you should rinse them gently with water if they go into your eyes.

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