Ponds Dry Skin Cream Review

Ponds Dry Skin Cream Review

Ponds Dry Skin Cream is the cream that is used for dry and sensitive skin. Because usually, creams available in markets are for normal or oily skin, Ponds introduced this cream to solve the problems related to dry skin.

Ponds dry skin cream manufacturers claim that all the dry skin problems will be solved with this rich blend cream, so we are therefore reviewing this cream as Ponds Dry Skin Cream Review.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream Review

Ponds Dry skin cream is the revolution in creams manufacture as it provides excellent care to dry or sensitive skin. The rich blend of moisturizer absorbs into the skin to make the rough and dry cells of the skin soft.

The result after applying the cream will be baby smooth and moisturized skin that you have wanted for a long time.

It contains provitamin B3, which helps to stop the dark skin problem or irritation. It includes the SPF15 and PA ++ that help prevent damage from sunlight and humidity.

The texture of the cream is very thick and spread evenly to the skin, so the dry or sensitive skin gets good care and moisture.

So that’s why it is considered an excellent solution for users with dry or sensitive skin.

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Ponds Dry Skin Cream Consumer Reviews:

4.7 out of 5 users give a positive review of this cream. It is rich, lovely scented, and a miracle for dry skin, and the magical formula of this cream turns the skin into satin silk.

It is perfect for old age like it prevents the fine line and wrinkles from the skin. This is the ideal formula for the granny’s to their granddaughters and works equally for every age.

However, some users express that it has no special effect, especially on dry skin. You will need one more product for the removal of dryness from the skin, so avoid buying it. One user stated that the odor was very harsh and gave me a headache.

Nevertheless, the overall result is positive so that it can be used mainly for dry or sensitive skin users.

Best Review of the Cream:

One user stated in the review that her grandmother used that cream for years, and she died in her 80’s. Her skin was great and didn’t feel so old according to her age, so I also started using this cream.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream

Ponds Dry Skin Cream Ingredients:

Many ingredients are used to make this cream; we will tell you which component is harmful and helpful. So you can decide if you have to use this cream or not on your face.

Healthy Ingredients:

1. Provitamin B3:

It is used to prevent the skin from blemishes and dark spots that appear on dry skin. It helps remove the dry cells and moisturize the skin to get lovely skin and even tone of the face.

2. SPF 15:

SPF 15 cares against the rays of light, and you can go into the sun without any hesitation. So whenever you want to go out in the sun, just use this cream.

It will work like sunblock and protect the skin from harsh rays of sunlight.

3. PA ++:

It is an ingredient that also protects the skin from sunlight and UVA rays, and it is a Japanese ingredient. The + sign indicates the protection level like the one + sign shows low protection.

The ++ sign indicates moderate protection, while the +++ sign indicates high protection against the UVA rays.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream provides PA++, giving reasonable protection against UVA rays.

Harmful Ingredients:

1. Methylparaben:

It is considered a dangerous ingredient for the skin as it causes cancerous effects on the skin.

This component is used mainly by cosmetics companies to prevent the fungus from growing in cosmetics and cream.

The manufacturers should change these ingredients to provide damage-free products to the consumers.

2. Iodopropynyl:

This is the moderate component used in cosmetics and creams. The experts declared that it could be used only 0.1% in the product, but the manufacturers added an immense quantity to prevent fungus and bacteria in the cream.

The higher amount will increase the allergic reaction to the skin; therefore, it is considered a harmful ingredient.

Is ponds dry skin a budget-friendly cream?

Yes, this is budget-friendly as many aging or dry skin creams are expensive. By using all that creams daily, you could disturb the budget, so try this pond’s dry skin cream because it’s budget-friendly.


This Ponds dry skin cream review contains lots of information and the results that will help the readers decide about the cream.

The lots of positive reviews encourage the readers to use this cream like it takes care of dry and sensitive skin. It protects from sunlight and also prevents the skin from signs of aging.

Nevertheless, some negative remarks are also present in the bucket, like it has no particular effect on dry skin or you have to purchase more products to moisturize your skin.

The negative result is less, so you can try this cream and share your valuable experience with us in the comment box.

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